(International Customer Only) Custom Printing - Testing Phase

・We are offering custom printing service for 50x160cm dakimakura covers.

・The materials you can choose from are, P80 Silkette, P80 Rear Moist, *Shiromoufu Hakuo / Sakuramochi, and **FGF SnowWhite.

* Shiromoufu Hakuo / Sakuramochi: Requires 20 or more copies(depends on season), some popular title are prohibitted(Such as Girl and Panzers) and extremely erotic expression are forbidden too. (Example: uncensored version, etc.)

** FGF SnowWhite: Requires minimum 10 copies. No regulation as long as you do not resell the "uncensored" version to Japan.

・Template: Please provide the image in 54x166cm @ minimum 200 dpi resolution. TIFF FileFormat in CMYK, or PNG FileFormat in RGB. (Extra 2cm on both side width, and extra 3cm on both side height is the bleeding area.)

・Pricing: 13,000 JPY each, without shipping fee (Price are differs when you order 10 copies and above, depends on material too)

・Delivery: Please expect 2 to 3 months after successfully placing the order to the printing factory.

・Delivery method, and fees: Domestic shipping to Japanese Address. Fees are depending on the destination.

・Payment method: Once confirmed, Payment Confirmation with Wise will be issued.

・Payment method 2: Direct Bank Transfer.

・We do not held any responsibility if your delivery is lost, or confiscated / halt by your countries' custom.

・For futher inquiries, or to consult on placing an custom print order, please contact us via Twitter Message.

Minadzuki no Hanayome's Twitter
※ Added 2023/08/14

Due to sensitivity, and legal concerns of AI generated images, we tend to decline your custom print request.

If you wish to continue, you need to make sure:

・You own all the rights to print.

・Or, Get all approvals from the artist(s) that the AI image is generated based from.

・Or, You can bare all the legal responsibility if any legal issue(s) occurs in the future.

Possibility if any legal issue occured, the printing company will get trouble, we will get dragged into the trouble, and you will be in trouble.

We will provide all your information to the law enforcement when requested, so unless you can take the consequences, we are terribly sorry that we can't take your order.

Thank you for your understanding, and apologies for the inconveniences.